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The Night Patrol model is our entry level professional flashlight in the Law Enforcement Series. That does not imply that they are short on performance or build quality. The NP series torches use Cree and Seoul emitters. They range in size from 5.25 inches to 7.50 inches in length with a 1.25 inch diameter head. The output ranges from 300 to 600 lumens at maximum. Our NP HI CRI units are used in medical, photographic and electrical fields where accurate rendition of color is essential. These lights outperform many other more expensive models on the market today. You also get Peak's legendary rock solid dependability.

Peak's First Responder models comprise our medium power output and a longer throw professional units. They use Cree, Luminus and Seoul LEDs. With an output range from 400 to 1200 lumens. The size in length ranges from 6.5 inches to 11.5 inches with a 1 5/8 inch diameter head. In the standard configuration they can use either 1 or 2-18650s or 2-18500s Li-Ion batteries, they will also use primary CR123A batteries. They have large heat sinks and plenty of power to spare for such a small unit. A P7 D bin , SST-50 , XM-L & XPG R5 are used. The FR400 has the longest throw of all our First Responder units produced to date.

Peak's Search & Rescue torches are the largest and most powerful flashlights we produce, they also have the greatest range and runtime of any units that we manufacture. The S & R torches use a custom Phoenix optic for that extra long range and great power output. The units are rated from 450 lumens to 2,000 lumens, and you can use rechargeable Lithium batteries in all the models. Extra features include completely adjustable power output and different battery options. They range in length from 11 inches up to about 21 inches with a head diameter of 2.7 inches. Hunters really like these spotlight units for their extra long throw rated in hundreds of yards. These torches are some of the most powerful LED flashlights produced in the USA today.